Customizing Dynamics NAV Using Extensions

You can change Dynamics NAV by installing extensions that add functionality, change behavior, or give you access to new online services, for example. When you first launch Dynamics NAV, some extensions are already installed for you. Over time, more extensions can be made available to you, and you can then choose if you want to use the extension or not.

For example, Microsoft provides an extension that provides integration with PayPal Payments Standard. This extension is installed by default. But if another extension is made available that offers integration with another payment service, you can install the new extension and then choose which of the two services to use.

You manage the extensions in the Extension Management window. You can access this window from Home. Alternatively, choose the Search for Page or Report icon in the top right corner, enter Extension, and then choose the related link.

Installing an Extension

If new extensions are made available to you because they have been published to your server, they will be shown in the Extension Management window. From here, you can choose to install and uninstall extensions.

If you choose an extension, you can read about what the extension does, and you can access Help for the extension to learn more. When you choose to get an extension, you must agree to the terms of use.

When you install an extension, you might have to set it up, such as specifying an account for use with the PayPal Payments Standard for Dynamics NAV extension. Other extensions simply add fields to an existing page, or they add a new page, for example.

If you uninstall an extension, and you then change your mind, you can install it again. When you uninstall an extension that you have been using, the data is preserved so that if you install the extension again, your data is still available.

Microsoft provides the following extensions:

Other extensions are also available by default, depending on your country/region.

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