When performing business tasks, you interact with data in different ways, such as creating records and entering data, sorting and filtering data, writing notes, and outputting data to other applications. To work more efficiently, you can use keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks without using the mouse.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.


Establish basic settings for starting and using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Change Basic Settings

Filter data in lists and lines by setting different types of filters.

Enter Criteria in Filters

Learn about posting and how to preview posting results.

Post Documents and Journals

View and print reports.

Working with Reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Enter a note, with or without sending a notification to your own role center or a colleague's role center.

Write Notes

Find any page in your installation.


Use search functionality in the web client and tablet client to limit a data set across columns on lists.

Searching for Data

Use Find to search for strings in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

How to: Use Find/Go to

Use standard facilities to enter text and numbers quickly.

How to: Enter Data

Learn the different page modes and shortcut key combinations that you use to create new lines and cards.

How to: Create New Lines and New Cards

Fill in new master data records quickly by applying templates.

How to: Create Cards by Using Data Templates

Change windows from view mode to edit mode.

How to: Make Windows Editable

Learn about the red asterisk on field that must be filled to complete a certain process, such as posting a transaction that uses the value in the field.

Mandatory Fields

Learn how to enter dates and times.

How to: Enter Dates and Times

Learn the rules for entering negative numbers.

Entering Negative Numbers

Learn how the City, Country/Region, and Country fields are automatically filled when you fill the Post Code field.

How the Post Code and City Fields Are Filled

Copy and paste rows using the shortcut menu.

How to: Copy and Paste Rows

Learn keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Sort information in grid columns and lists.


Add comments to cards or documents as connected text that is carried with the record to posted entries.

Comment Line

Use Find to search for strings in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

How to: Use Find/Go to

Use search criteria to find entries and records.


View all fields and data in the table or report that the page is based on.

Viewing Table Data

View role-specific product and business information.

Connect Online

Attach a hyperlink to a document or website to a specific record, such as a customer card or a document.

How to: Link from Records to External Information or Programs

Copy and use a link to a page.

How to: Copy a Link to a Page

Attach pictures to records, such as an items or resource cards.

How to: Insert Pictures

Set up an indicator on a Cue that changes color as a result of the value in the Cue. The indicator appears as a colored bar along the top border of the Cue tile

How to: Set Up a Colored Indicator on Cues of Your Role Center

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